Automatic driving lessons Slough

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Learning to drive an automatic car is much more straightforward than a manual car and so some people take this option when learning to drive. In fact in many parts of the world automatic cars are much more prevalent than in the UK and in some countries most people learn in an automatic. The disadvantage in learning in an automatic car in the UK is that once you have passed your test, it only allows you to drive an automatic. So anyone who thinks that they might want to be able to drive a manual car in the future, should think about learning in a manual. If you pass in a manual car, your licence will entitle you to drive an automatic, but passing in an automatic will not entitle you to drive in a manual.

However, for some people driving lessons in an automatic is definitely the best option. Because there is one less pedal to worry about, no clutch control to master when carrying out manoeuvres at slow speed and no gear changes to be concerned with learning in an automatic can certainly speed up the process of getting your licence and getting out on the road.

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