Manual or Automatic Lessons, Which is Better?

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Manual or Automatic Lessons, Which is Better?


Learning to drive is a very exciting time and many can’t wait to get started. Before you put on your comfortable shoes and belt up, you have to decide what kind of license you want.

Asking experienced drivers which type of transmission they prefer is guaranteed to start a spirited debate. While it can be great to have so much information, the range of opinions can leave you feeling confused. We have a closer look at the common arguments made by either side.

Money Matters

Most newbies tend to opt for second-hand cars and when you have a budget you will find you are able to save money with a manual car. There are simply more choices. You may, however, want to consider the cost of repairs down the road. Yes, automatic cars can be more expensive but you won’t find yourself forking over for clutch repairs.

Manual car owners will also tell you that they are more fuel efficient and will save you some pounds. The US government examined the top-ranking cars in this field proving that there are some great automatic cars which go against this theory.

You may prefer the idea of automatic driving lessons as there is no need to worry about the clutch control. This can make driving simpler and mean you need fewer lessons to pass your driving test, however this isn’t always the case. Your instructor will play a large part in how quickly you learn as will your ability level. Taking automatic lessons is by no means a shortcut and price-wise you will find there isn’t a substantial difference.


Going abroad and being able to hire a car after passing your test is another great milestone to look forward to. No longer will you have to navigate foreign tube maps (although this can be great fun) or find taxis.

Automatic cars are usually the preference in many countries however there are exceptions. When travelling to places such as Italy, you may find yourself wishing you had a manual license. On the most part, it would be wise to become accustomed to an automatic car before jetting off.


The type of transmission you have does not influence how your car responds in dangerous situations. If you are concerned with safety, it is worth having a look at the Euro NCAP website  . The organisation regularly assesses leading cars in crash scenarios. They are very rigorous in their testing so it’s a great place to start your search