Mediocre driving schools

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Beware of MEDIOCRE DRIVING SCHOOLS. I have reciently started a new pupil who has moved to me because she felt that her previous driving school in SLOUGH was not teaching her properly. She did 4 lessons with her instructor who told her to put in for her DRIVING TEST( Now bear in mind this girl has never driven before in her life) She was told there was only one test route in slough, Which the Instructor took her round, ( there are  in fact about 30 test routes in the SLOUGH area , so her previous instructor was actually lieing to her from the start. PLEASE PLEASE ask to see your instructors badge, ( it should be GREEN if the instructor is Qualified, Pink if he is not qualified. Also ask to see his GRADING CERTIFICATE ) A good instructor should be GRADE 5 OR 6, SO BEWARE OF MEDIOCRE INSTRUCTORS.