Unique places to drive in the UK

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West Wycombe Park, High Wycombe

We had to pay homage to our local area. It is always a pleasure to conduct driving lessons in High Wycombe and not just because we are based here. After driving past the Chiltern hills, you will find an impressive country house dating back to 1740. It has been the location for many films including the X-Men First Class Movie. There are also great events being held in the park throughout summer, including the National Outdoor Theatre


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  1. 2. Electric Brae, Ayrshire, Scotland

This gravity hill is famous for making it seem as if cars are being pulled uphill. Many like to believe spooky forces are responsible for the movement, however, the uphill slope is an optical illusion. Keep a keen eye out for the precise location though as visitors keep on taking the road signs as souvenirs.


  1. Hardknott Pass, Cumbria

This road was only officially opened to Motor Vehicles in 1936. The delay may have been due to it being one of the steepest roads in the UK, ranking the highest gradient of 1 in 3. While it may be a challenging drive it’s definitely a chance to do as the romans did.


  1. 4. Glencoe, Scotland

We are back in Scotland for our penultimate choice. The scenes driving on the A82 are nothing short of breath taking. Green landscapes spiral up to ice capped mountains, making you feel you’re in an arctic haven.


  1. Isle of Wight 

Although not a road, we added this to our list as it has a great mix of everything we love. The Isle of Wight offers coastal routes with views of its iconic blue waters and sandy beaches. Once you’ve dipped your toes in the water, you can then head to the picturesque towns. Don’t forget to visit the local vineyards and pick up a bottle of what you fancy.